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Stop anxiously playing someone else's game and start negotiating on your terms. 

People in power have been dictating the game of negotiation forever

Forever ends today

Stop trying to assert yourself, crush your opponent, and end up giving more than you get.

Aim for something better, something you value more: long term relationships, win-win deals, respected boundaries, and higher deal values.

The old way of negotiating left the majority of people without leverage. 

Let's set you up with a strategy that can be leveraged regardless of the power dynamics you are up against.

Negotiate without playing power games

Negotiations are not meant to be adversarial interactions. You both have different goals. You're not competing. You do not want the same thing.

Aggression and dominance will not be helpful. What you need to do is figure out what you really want and what the other party wants and how those things can be meshed together in the best possible way.

Be curious, focused, and open minded.  understand how you can make the relationship the best possible relationship for both of you.

Giving you a real seat at the table

My goal is to empower women founders and business owners with the frameworks, strategies, tools, and support they need to form dependable business relationships, win-win collaborations, and increase their average deal value with at least 20% through negotiating with ease and confidence.

Negotiate successfully without stress

We have some how made negotiations into complicated and scary processes where we feel like we have to perform roles that don't fit us. 

The Business Relationship Framework helps you move away from that and focus on what really matters. Building successful and respectful business relationships while being the best version of yourself. 


Hello there!

Negotiation Consultant • Legal Behaviorist

My name is Janet Alexandersson (she/her) and I'm your friendly neighborhood negotiation expert. I specialize in helping women founders find a better way to make more valuable deals and foster long term, mutually beneficial relationships.

I've been a lawyer for over 15 years and I've worked in nonprofits, in for profits, as well as owned my own law firm. I've seen negotiations from every angle and motivation.

I can help you optimize your collaborations and partnerships and improve your negotiation strategy if:

  • You are a founder of a validated and expanding business
  • You value professional relationships
  • You want negotiations to flow as easily as conversations
  • You are playing the long game
  • You are involved in high impact negotiations
  • You want to increase the value of your deals

Using Janet's methods I found a way to ask for and get what I need to deliver my services in the most effective way. I also got paid better than I have before!

– Helena Johansen

Roleplaying difficult negotiation scenarios helped me stay calm when I faced them in business later. Instead of panicking as usual I felt confident and in control.

– Elina Korhonen

Go from failing at the old game...

Never asking for the price you really want and making deals that are not profitable.

Not planning your negotiations to make sure you are prepared for the twists and turns.

Lowering your price before being asked for fear of them say no to what you really want.

Always saying yes to your counterpart's demands regardless of if they asking for too much.

Not understanding your counterpart's true wishes and making the wrong offer.

Not negotiating at all and loosing out on opportunities for collaboration.

To excelling at the new one...

Effectively ask for what you want and show the value of what you offer.

Always show up prepared for the negotiation and know your limits.

Bargain to get the best possible deal using simple formulas.

Discuss all demands and establish lasting boundaries during your negotiation.

Give your counterpart what they really want and win the deal.

Correctly frame the deal and price you want to reach an agreement.

Learn useful tips and tricks through my ongoing Q&A video series on LinkedIn and get your own questions answered.

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"For one deal, Janet’s input directly helped me earn 23% more than I would have without her guidance"

I first took a masterclass Janet created on negotiation almost 3 years ago. It was eye-opening. I’ve studied negotiation before from others, but they were all about “win-lose” dynamics and power plays. It felt icky and didn’t work for me. Through Janet’s material I was able to uncover my own personal negotiation style and how to be assertive without being aggressive. And, it really works!

Since then, I’ve turned to Janet so many times to talk through different negotiations as they were happening—from establishing a better terms with my legal team and small business partnerships to large contracts with corporations. For one deal, Janet’s input directly helped me earn 23% more than I would have without her guidance.

Her tips and insights are very practical, and clearly come from years of real-world experience and deep understanding of human behavior. It’s definitely not just theory or all talk. I’m so excited for the launch of On Your Terms because it’ll really be like having a secret weapon and a place to turn to help you create a truly win-win outcome in your negotiations.


Monisha Bajaj
Managing Director of Ruam Chuay Foundation and Strategy Execution Consultant

Custom Deal Optimizations

(ongoing support)

Bring all your current and upcoming collaborations and partnerships and get the help you need to maximize the value of each those deals.

We will look at creative ways of ensuring mutual satisfaction, establishing respectful boundaries, improve communication, and assign responsibilities.

This includes:

  • Finding the right forms of value exchange
  • Setting up limits and permissions
  • Building the proper roles in the future relationship
  • Defining the scope of the collaboration

I will guide you through communicating with your counterparts to understand what they truly want and need and help you put together value optimized offers that are easy both to present and accept.

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Business Relationship Accelerator

(10 week program)

Give your business the boost it needs by participating in the Business Relationship Accelerator.

During ten weeks you will get all the support you need to re-negotiate old collaborations and partnerships, establish new ones, and map out how to expand your business through relationships into the future.

The accelerator includes:

  • Interactive, live optimization sessions
  • Negotiation Clinics to help you deal with real time challenges
  • A business relationship road map that puts you in control
  • Negotiation strategies that makes asking easy
  • A cohort of women founders that are in the same stage of business as you are

Transform into a confident negotiator with my support

I help women founders negotiate without having to be aggressive, dominant, or adversarial. Negotiating the traditional way often causes harm to or hinders successful partnerships or relationships.

Negotiations are about relationships.
Negotiation is a conversation.
Negotiation is an investigation.
Learn to be strategic, not aggressive.